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The Virginville Hotel is the last remaining “public house” in a town that once had three such places where residents could eat, drink and be merry. The hotel began in 1885, started by Eli Hein, who called it the Mansion House.

Virginville's History

Virginville typifies the many small communities that dot the landscape here in the heart of Pa. Dutch country. Located in northern Berks County near the “Hex Highway” (Interstate 78), Virginville is a place where the Delaware Indians roamed for thousands of years prior to being displaced in 1730 when the heirs of William Penn started selling land for development.

In the 1750's immigrants, primarily from Germany, began settling the area and came to be known as Pennsylvania Germans or the Pa. Dutch. The earliest settler was John Jacob Dreibelbis who emigrated from Switzerland. His descendants settled in and around the town: a small village north of here is named Dreibelbis and some of the most famous townsfolk carry on the Dreibelbis name.

No one is certain about how Virginville (originally called Virginsville) got its name, but it is the subject of much debate, and is a place where it is tough to hang on to road signs, which are taken regularly by souvenir hunters. Some say Virginville was named for the untouched beauty of the countryside: others attribute the name to the honor of Comte de Vergennes, a foreign minister to France's Louis XVI.

The exact origins of the town are not exactly clear either. About 1809, a Dreibelbis opened a store and the town began to grow. The opening of the railroad in the latter part of the 19th Century spurred some development, but Virginville remains essentially an agricultural community. The area is also famous for the many underground caves, including the famous Crystal Cave that lies two miles east of the town.

Today, Virginville has a population numbering between 160 and 300, according to estimates. While it is no longer a “contained village” (a place where residents once could get everything they needed to sustain life), Virginville has a delightful mix of homes and businesses. The Virginville Grange has the largest membership among all the granges in Pennsylvania.


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